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Minute of the Standing Committee of the East Asian Society of British History

Date: 18th Jan. 2014
Place: Kanade Library
Attendants: Prof. Y. Lee, Prof. H. Tsurushima, Prof. S. Akita, and Prof. J. Kim

1. The Proposed Standing Committee of the Society for 2014-2017
		Hiro Tsurushima (Kumamoto)
		Youngsuk Lee(Kwangju)
		Joonglak Kim(Kyungpook)
		Shigeru Akita(Osaka)
		Yeom, Yoonok
		Takeshi Nakamura (Hirosaki)

2. The Proposed Editorial Board of the 4th issue of the East Asian Journal of British History 
		Hirokazu Tsurushima (Kumamoto Univ.)
		Youngsuk Lee(Kwangju Univ.)
		Joonglak Kim(Kyungpook Univ.)
		Shigeru Akita(Osaka Univ.)
		Yeom, Yoonok(Korea Univ.)
		Takeshi Nakamura (Hirosaki Univ.)
		Hamai Yumiko(Hokkaido Univ.)
		Saito Ken(Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
		Miles Taylor(IHR)
		Yoon Young Hwi(Seoul Univ.)
                Taro Inai (Hiroshima Univ.)

3. The annual membership fees of the Society for 2014-2017
Members ? 30 USD or 3,000 Japanese Yen or 30,000 Korean Won
Graduate Students - 10 USD or 1,000 Japanese Yen or 10,000 Korean Won

4. The Use of the Budget
All the costs of the society after the publication of the 4th issue of the Journal will be paid from the common budget.

5. Membership expansion plan
-invites the scholars of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong to contributes articles to the 5th issue of Journal.
-try to invites at least 2 scholars from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong to the next conference on the condition that the half of their travel cost met by the society. 
-advertise the society in the 4th issue of the Journal.
-provide the membership application form and take it through the homepage.

6. The change of the name of the Japanese-Korean Conference of British History
to be changed to the East Asian Conference of British History

7. The Plan for the 7th East Asian Conference of British History
 (to be confirmed by the end of Feb. 2014) 

Main Theme- ?The British Empire and East Asia?
Place- Kyoto, Japan

8. The Annual Standing Committee will be held in December 2014 at Daegu, Korea

Apology & Appeal

Concerning a screen page:Home>Journal>Submission ('A copy of the manuscript should be submitted to the editorial board by email at'), this mail address has nothing to do with KANDE LIBRARY. We cannot open it. Therefore, never ever you will not submit your manuscript to us through this e-mail address.

And we sincerely express an apology to all of you for our unbelievable mistake. We would appreciate it if you, who have already submitted your paper to this address, let me know it, and then hopefuly and kindly send it to again.

The Conference has finished

The Society invite contributions for The East Asian Journal of British History, vol. 4. A style sheet, pursuant to Haskins Society Journal Japan, should be downloaded on this site. The Korean association is responsible for vol. 4. There will be an announcement soon.

» Haskins Society Journal Japan Style Sheet (PDF:504B)

We are now discussing the possibilty of involvement of Chinese scholars. Mark J. Crowley, associate-professor of Wuhan University, kindlky offered to play a role of a bridge between us and Chinese historians. We will report a process frequently here.

The Fifth Korean-Japanese Conference of British History

The Fifth Korean-Japanese Conference of British History will be held from 20th to 21st June at Silla University in Pusan. he main theme is 'Multiculturalism and Racial Problems in Twentieth Century Britain'.

The programme of the 5th Korean-Japanese Conference of British History is now available.
» Download

The incomplete proceedings of the Conference was uploaded by mistake on 10th June.
We would appreciate it if anyonw who downloaded it would destory it.

The First EASBH Award for the promotion of young scholar research

Mr Young Hwi Yoon (University of Warwick) will be granted the cost of travel and necessary expenditure to read his paper at the 22nd Japan Society for the Western History at Meiji University (Tokyo) on 19th to 20th May 2012.

The Division within the Transatlantic Evangelical Network after the American Revolution: Focusing on Issues of Slavery and Disestablishment

Association Articles of The East Asian Society of British History

BE IT KNOWN THAT WE, the subscribers and such other persons as may hereafter be associated with us do hereby associate ourselves according to the following articles of association.


The name of the said association shall be The East Asian Society of British History.


The purpose of The East Asian Society of British History shall be to promote activities appropriate for a historical society.


All funds of the society shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the society or the operations thereof, and, no officer, member, agent, or employee of the said society shall receive any pecuniary profit or benefit from the funds of the society except reasonable compensation for services effecting one or more of its corporate purposes.


The society shall be governed by such bylaws and amendments, thereto, as are adopted by the membership.


The society shall have its principal administrative offices in Japan and Korea. The addresses of the office shall be as specified by the bylaws and amendments.

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