The East Asian Society of British History


  1. The East Asian Journal of British History welcomes submission of scholarly articles on the history of the British Isles. A copy of the manuscript should be submitted to the editorial board by email at
  2. The editors of the EAJBH seek articles that provide new contents and perspectives and make a fresh contribution to historical knowledge. Our principal consideration in determining whether an article should be published is its appropriateness to the readership of the EAJBH.
  3. No manuscript will be considered for publication if it is concurrently considered by another journal or if it has been published or is soon to be published elsewhere.
  4. All articles will be refereed, with the final decision made by the editorial board.
  5. Contributors are requested to follow the Style Guidelines given below.
  6. Copyright of the articles, reviews and texts, and studies series remain with the EASBH.

Style Guidelines

To be prepared by professor Tsurushima.